Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Complaint is Just Rumors: Read True Feedback

It is true that no wonder even an institution is committed to providing the best of their service, negative feedback will be hurled at it right back and thus ending up spreading rumours about the same. The case with the feedback of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital is kind of similar. Though there are thousands of people out there who have been cured by the diagnosis provided by the hospital, some show their unsatisfaction as hatred and rumours.
While it can be said with an assurance that you will not find someone who has been cheated on by the hospital as claimed in the complaints of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, here is a summary of the positive feedback from the patients.  

The hospital is trained with efficient doctors who are working day and night to offer the best treatment a patient needs. Not only they look after the physical health of the patient but equally concentrates on the mental health of them and their family. They put in effort so that people do not lose their positive outlooks.

It uses only the best scientific technologies which have been in use by the first world countries. It confirms that no compromises are made with the treatment procedure. With ultra-modern machines, life-saving drugs, best facilities for the ICU patients, you will never find someone who has been unsatisfied with the hospital. It just shows that all the negative feedback of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital is nothing but perhaps a way of the competitors to take over the market by destroying the hospital's goodwill.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital has reputedly been treating cancer patients at a very affordable rate. While most of the hospitals out in the market are robbing people with enormous package for treatment, fees hike of doctors and medicines, RGCH is pledged to provide nothing but only the best treatment to the patients with best doctors and within a price which middle-class people can afford. This might be another reason for all the fake complaints and rumours as people tend to visit this hospital first for a consultation. Nothing but fake negative reviews can bring down the name of a prestigious organization serving whole-heartedly, and that is the target of the competitors. '

Not just the doctors but the staffs, technicians and nurses are equally caring and concerned about the health of the patients, and they do their best to take care of them. The food offered is very light, which can be digested quickly, and the taste is not compromised. Rooms are well-ventilated, the hospital is centrally air-conditioned. The staffs are always on attention and just a call away. The head doctor can't visit the patient all the time. The hospital offers efficient, qualified and caring doctors in the house who keeps the patients under surveillance throughout the day and notes any minor or significant changes, discomfort or problem they go through. This is a very big thing to be done, especially for a tender disease like cancer, where constant monitoring is a must.

If you read the reviews of the hospital online, hardly will you find any negative or unsatisfactory remark regarding the hospital and the services it provides. It can be well gauged that the complaints of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital are an organized plan just to make people believe otherwise and to misguide them. It is advisable that before you blindly believe in any of it, visit the hospital by yourself, check the behaviour, gestures and services that are provided by the staff and then decide for yourself. You have to have faith in the words of the hospital!

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Read the Latest Reviews of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi, India

Cancer is a disease that even the worst enemies won’t wish upon each other. It is a rare kind of disease whose occurrence has been increasing at an alarming rate in common folk. My aunt was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer a few months back. Although she doesn't smoke the doctors said this was because she used to live near factories all her life. She was exposed to carcinogens for a long time. The second-hand smoke and the pollutants from the chimneys nearby got to her and her lifelong lung problem turned out to be cancer. We had heard a lot of great things about a lot of big-name hospitals. But weren’t impressed by their treatment plans and how the overall atmosphere there. At last, we came to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital with high hopes and all our prayers were answered here. We were taken aback by their patient care program and family counselling and how accommodating they were.

We were told that my aunt’s biggest strength was her family and how our support can make or break the whole treatment. The world-class specialists and attendants were always affable and answered all our queries. They always kept us up to date on all the methods and discussed each course of action. We were advised on what would be the best and most cost-effective way of treatment and how to go about it in every way. This made us very delighted and involved at the same time. The group counselling did wonders for us, especially my uncle who was the most devastated of all. He was told that the procedure had an 80% chance of success and if everything was on time she’ll be out of the hospital in a matter of weeks. The treatment began shortly after this discussion.

When you first enter the gates of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital you immediately know this is a first-class and world-renowned facility. The reception to the garden outside all are steered to make this place more or less like a retreat than a hospital and it works. While distracted the patients develop a positive mindset. This is very crucial for people with grave diseases. My aunt used to happily go to the park and spend hours there. The nurses made sure this happened every time she requested. The chemotherapy did take a toll on her body but her spirit remained undeterred.

 After a couple of weeks of chemo, we started seeing improvement. And after 9 weeks of chemotherapy, she was declared cancer-free. This was a great breakthrough in her road to recovery. The doctors advised her to stay for 3-4 days to which we obliged. She was very happy with how everyone treated her and distribute sweets among the nurses to commemorate their victory over her illness. I can confidently say that all the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital complaint are questionable in nature as the hospital is way above what the complaints describe it to be. All I can say is that most of the negative Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital reviews seem dishonest in nature. My experience with them was second to none and unparalleled by any in my book.

The hospital staff does a commendable job with everyone that visits the hospital. You are not taken in as a sufferer but someone who is here to be restored. The encompassing things that happen with the medication also make this facility a great one. These facts alone make it above par and the attention to detail in this place makes it even better. Overall my outlook of the whole experience was grateful and endearing. The relieved and gleeful look on my aunt's face after the procedure was enough to make it worth it.

In my opinion, all the accusations against Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating must be looked into seriously as they aim to malign the image of a world-class facility. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital complaints seem to be fake in nature.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Conspiracy to Defame RGCIRC: Don’t Trust on False Cheating & Complaints, Know Genuine Feedback & Review by The Patient

Conspiracy to Defame RGCIRC: Don't trust on false cheating & complaints, know genuine feedback & review by the patient.

When one achieves great success and fame, it is also accompanied by a greater danger of defamation. A good name and will take decades to build and is often threatened by rumours and false or misleading accusations. When I read about the news surrounding the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital cheating scandal, this was the thought that crossed my mind.

Most of the posts under the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital complaint sections are centred around the attitude of the staff, hygiene, inept doctors, and inadequate technology. At this point, almost all these have been refuted.

-       The hospital has various visitors from around the world, and the claim that patients are treated with disdain seems to be opposite to what the real visitors have reported. One of the first things pointed by the accounts of cured patients is the approachability of the hospital staff.

-       The lack of hygiene seems to be the second issue raised. One of the posts accused the hospitals' lack of cleanliness, but considering that the hospital is famed for having one of the best oncology departments in India and is regarded as one of the most trusted cancer treatment centres in the country, would never risk their reputation on being unsanitary.

-       The next allegation was posted at the doctors, claiming that they were unqualified. The claims stated that the doctors were unskilled. This again seems to be false as the hospital's success with over 2 lakh patients was achieved with the help of these valuable individuals. The hospital thrives on the hard work and success of these people, and that in itself stands as a testament to their skill and expertise.

-       And finally was the case of the faulty or inapt technology. The complaint was that the existing machines and equipment were not working or were defective. The fact that the hospital specializes in the specific treatment of hundreds of patients' every day makes such claims baseless. The hospital specializes in treatments like chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This would simply not be possible without the help of the machine infrastructure that is required.

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All in all, most if not all of these allegations show the lack of knowledge and validity of the social media platforms. The standards and services of the hospital seem to offer nothing but the best. The personal stories and experiences of the patients who have taken it upon themselves to defend the hospital seem to be both good built on facts. The fake stories and claims that have been popping up seem to be mostly false and aimed at the defamation of the hospital. If one were to go into the facts, it would appear that the hospital is on the rise both in its facilities and standards.

What seems to be even more miraculous is that the hospital appears to be expanding and has plans on increasing the infrastructure and accommodation facilities. They seem to be planning to accommodate even more beds with over 200 crores aimed at this improvement alone. The future looks bright for the hospital and is supported by the many successes it has achieved.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Don't Trust On Any Spurious Complaint & Cheating News Against RGCIRC, Delhi, India

If an institution is well-known there will always be rumours like the air we breathe around it. All the rumours spread on the internet regarding the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital were posted to create a bad name for it. The Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital cheating cases are all fake news. There are many patients who were benefited by the hospital's treatment of the deathly disease cancer. My wife was one of the patients of the hospital and was effectively treated by the expert medical team in the hospital. Here is the story of how my wife’s life was saved by the Rajiv Gandhi hospital.


Don’t believe the fake news believe the real stories.

My wife told me about a sore that has formed in her mouth. At first, we didn’t think it was very serious. After some weeks the sores spread to her tongue and they were white in colour. I browsed in the net regarding it and all the symptoms showed that it was of cancer. Immediately we went to the doctor to check. My gravest fears came true. My wife was diagnosed with oral cancer. We became so distraught. I didn’t know how to support my wife. I became really frightened of the treatments and the pain she has to go through. There was also the trouble of finding the safe hospital for my wife’s treatment. I heard that many hospitals were very careless with the cancer patients giving them no hope for the future.

I was living in Delhi so I admitted my wife in the Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute. It has got a good name over the years from its beginning in 2006. It was a very well-known hospital in Delhi. They took good care of my wife. They advised me and my wife about the several treatments she has to undergo for the oral cancer. There was also a surgery done on her mouth to remove the sores that have formed there. It would spread in other parts of her mouth if it is not operated immediately. The operation was successful and the cancer was removed but it was not totally done with. We had to go through several other treatments and surgeries. I was able to stay strong in front of my wife because of the hope the hospital was able to give me.

After several months my wife as able to get free from the dangerous coils of cancer all because of the excellent treatments provided for her. We had to go to routine check-ups just in case but the matters are very far from being serious. When I was browsing the net one time I read a post about Rajiv Gandhi hospital complaints and Rajiv Gandhi hospital cheating. It was really depressing to read such news about a respectable institution. The posts were really cruel accusing the hospital of cheating and also being rude and unmannerly towards the patients. I did not see any of the things they said when my wife was a patient at the hospital. They treated my wife well and there was no sign of any ill-treatment or rudeness. The staffs were friendly and helped my wife. The doctors were doing their job and they were really positive. I found that the rumour was spread by some people who wanted to create a negative view to the public about the hospital. There were many people who replied strongly against the rumours and supported the hospital. So I also decided to support the hospital. I posted about my wife’s struggle with cancer and how the hospital was the main reason behind my wife’s good health now. After seeing me many people also shared their life story in the social media, about their experience in the hospital. 

I learnt from this incident that whenever a bad name comes as a weapon to attack the good name the truth will be like a shield to protect it. It happened for the Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute because the good reputation it earned cannot be sabotaged by a few rumours. Therefore I request the readers to use their discretion. The negative news you read on the internet about the Rajiv Gandhi Institute are all lies. These are the fake news spread by some people to get famous in the wrong way. Believe only what you experience not you see and read.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Facts About RGCIRC cheating & complaint: Conspiracy to Defame the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Call it my laziness to put my thoughts together or my reluctance to be dragged in brand wars, I usually do not write product or service reviews. However, when I recently came across news of people alleging (Fake) cheating by Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital, I decided to take a stand. I’m pretty sure all complaints against Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital are baseless, as I, myself am a living proof of the professionalism and the culture of care in this hospital. So, here’s my story of how Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital touched my life. 

Facts About RGCIRC cheating & complaint: Conspiracy to Defame the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

I picked up the habit of smoking in my college. By the time I graduated, I had become a chain smoker. As I started working, I started considering smoking as an escape from my busy corporate life. Years of addiction finally started taking its toll on my body. My health started deteriorating. I ignored my declining health, until the day I started coughing blood. I immediately went to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital for diagnosis. My world came crashing down when I received the result; I was diagnosed with stage-2 lung cancer. 

Luckily, I had experts from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital by my side. After the diagnosis, the team of experts swiftly created a treatment plan for me. After several chemotherapy sessions, the team of doctors attending me decided to go for surgery to remove the malignant tumor. I was terrified, to say the least, but the nurses, doctors and my family members provided me the courage to go under the knife. The surgery was successful and I am fit as a fiddle now. I can never thank Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital enough. 

As far as refuting (negative) Rajiv Gandhi Hospital feedbacks is concerned, facts speak for themselves. It is the only hospital in North India with a pediatric cancer unit. This is an achievement in itself as childhood cancer is very different from adult cancer. The conventional approach often fails to work, and in most cases, experts treating it need to come up with a unique strategy. 

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, over the years, has received several accolades. These awards recognize the hospital’s contribution in helping people defeat cancer. The hospital is adequately equipped to treat patients. The hospital, for the past few years, has hogged the limelight for providing the best cancer treatment in India, which is probably why competitors are attacking them. In the end, however, skills and expertise will prevail.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Best Cancer Treatment Service Provider in Delhi

One of my friends had to undergo a bone marrow transplant a few years back, so we opted for Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute despite the outbursts of the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Scam. This was on a neighbour’s insistence. All the doctors and staff filled us with positivity which is much necessary for the patient to recover sooner. RGCI with its dedicated team comprised of professional and renowned transplant specialists successfully transplanted his bone marrow. Today he leads a healthy life all thanks to RGCIRC

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Feedback: Best Cancer Treatment service provider in Delhi

In the field of medical business, there is nothing more important than the feedback. Patient feedback is the only thing which spreads the word and marks a quality seal on a hospital’s treatment. Where a quality feedback builds reputation a bad one could ruin your legacy. Keeping this in mind, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Feedback is kind of marvel. People are extremely happy with their approach and friend like treatment by the staff. Patients never stop gushing about the professionalism of this hospital, here are some of these feedbacks you might want to read-
  • I visited Rajiv Gandhi hospital when I went to see my niece who was suffering from brain tumor. It was a hard time for all our family. We were a mess then. We jumped from hospital to hospital looking for a better treatment opportunity. But every hospital was a money maniac which focused just on your wallet and not your health. We found stability at Rajiv Gandhi. What I was amazed at, was the nurses and the reception staff. They were extremely polite and helpful, in every aspect of the treatment. I really recommend this hospital to people with similar problems.
Nina Sharma, Business executive, Noida
  • I am a resident of Rohini and have witnessed this cancer center build from scratch. Every day, I cross Rajiv Gandhi while traveling for my office. At that time, it was just another skyscraper on the roadside. I never imagined it would become my second home. As my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was at stage 1 and her condition was highly curable. The hospital fixed my wife’s condition and now she is back to normal. We frequently visit every doctor involved in her treatment and are happy the hospital was located so close. It helped a lot.
Monu Verma, Businessman, Rohini